We’re a mission
driven company

Our mission is to help individuals and families navigate complex health issues. We are starting with cancer.

Our CEO's Story

Adam Kearney, Co-Founder & CEO

In September 2016, my mother was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer. One year later, she passed away. That year was filled with confusion, misdiagnoses, and emotional and physical stress as my family and I scrambled to figure out this disease and how to get her the best care possible. 

I intimately understand the caregiver experience. I know what it feels like for your loved one to be told they have three months to live, to sleep in a hospital chair for weeks, to have a surgery fail, to not know what to do next, and to recognize that your loved one is about to die. I know what this does to your heart and mind.

I searched for a service like MaryElle during this time, wanting professional guidance to help navigate my mom’s cancer and ease the burden. I would have paid a fortune for this. I really just wanted to spend quality time with my mom and not be Googling and fighting a foreign and bureaucratic system.

Our CNO's Story

Mary Feng, Co-Founder & Chief Nursing Officer

Mary began her nursing career as an oncology nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2002. In addition, she ran a VIP home care service for oncology patients who paid $60,000 per month. Mary is an expert when it comes to navigating cancer care. She knows where common mistakes are made, where the holes in the system are, and where to go to get things done faster. Mary believes her knowledge and experience shouldn't be only for the wealthy. She believes every patient deserves and is entitled to the highest standard of care. As she pondered how she could reach every patient in need, a colleague connected her to Adam and MaryElle was born.