Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use MaryElle for?

Anything you think would be valuable to speak to an oncology nurse about. You will have their full attention.

Common use cases:

  • Symptom questions and management
  • Understanding your diagnosis and options
  • Prep for an upcoming appointment to maximize the time with your doctor
  • Have an oncology nurse dial into your appointment to help ask questions
  • Get clinical trial recommendations
  • Receive doctor recommendations
  • Discuss next steps in your care
  • Learn how to be a caregiver and/or support a loved one
How does MaryElle charge me?

The minimum charge of a paid session is the nurse's 15-minute rate. Afterward, you’ll be billed in per-minute increments. The average rate is between $10-25.

MaryElle charges a 15% service fee to the patient for matching them with a nurse.

For example, if the nurse's 15-minute rate is $15 and you meet for 5 minutes, you will be charged $17.25 total. If you meet with the same nurse for 60 minutes, you will be charged $69.

We will your card for the amount due after the call and send you an invoice via email.

Do the nurses work for MaryElle?

No. MaryElle is a closed marketplace where nurses set their own rates.

We will match you to a nurse in your price range, if possible.

Can I have a dedicated nurse?

Yes. This is most valuable and recommended option. A dedicated nurse will know your case personally and can be your adviser and advocate. Just specify this on your getting started form.

What are the quality of the nurses in MaryElle's network?

Our Chief Nursing Officer, Mary Feng, RN, MSN, OCN, vets every single nurse personally. Mary has 18 years of clinical oncology experience from Memorial Sloan Kettering.

All nurses have to meet these qualifications:

  • Currently or recently employed at a top cancer center in the United States
  • Proof of license and all certifications
  • Mary would personally hire them to manage her care if she had cancer

Our network of oncology nurses are the best of the best.

Can I hire a nurse for in-person consultations/at-home care?

Yes. However, this is currently only available in the New York City area. In-person care ranges from consultation to 24/7 at-home care. See here.

Is MaryElle covered by insurance?

No. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover these services. However, you can include any expense from MaryElle in your tax deductions as a medical cost.

Who is MaryElle for?

Cancer patients, family members, and caregivers.