Patient Testimonials

Mary helped me navigate cancer, get a 2nd opinion, and bring everything back on track.

When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I thought I had a trusted team of doctors (primary care physician, oncologist, surgeon, etc.) to care and support me every step of the way – unfortunately I learned the hard way…delay in cancer screenings and biopsy results, and being referred to doctors mainly within their own healthcare group as opposed to specialized and best-in-class – resulted in valuable time and money wasted, and all the agony! Mary helped me navigate cancer, get a 2nd opinion, and bring everything back on track. Mary was accessible, thoughtful, and patient in explaining all my questions, unlike my prior experience with other healthcare providers who would not give me the time of day.

Shirley C.

We got connected to Valarie at such a crucial time for my family.

When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, we wanted to go to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a second opinion. Unsure how to navigate the process, MaryElle connected us with Valarie who is clinical oncology nurse who works with lung cancer patients. After learning about my mom, she recommended for us to speak both to a medical oncologist and thoracic surgeon. She recommended three of each and said take the first one available. She then helped us get the paper work together needed so there would be no delays. Furthermore, she helped us make sure my mom was processed efficiently. She continues to be our main contact throughout my mother's care. Thank you so much Valarie!

James K.

invaluable in improving my quality of life...

Mary helps me navigate my health issues while I have cancer. It is easy as a cancer patient with metastatic cancer to be overly concerned about any new health issue. I ask myself each time, is this a sign of the cancer spreading or just a non-cancer related health issue? Mary has helped me navigate a few health issues that ended up not being cancer related. She has been invaluable in improving my quality of life and helping keep my immune system strong with advice on nutrition and self care.


She is a tireless and very effective advocate for her patients.

Valarie Lucas is an exceptional member of the MaryElle Health Team. She is a tireless and very effective advocate for her patients. Her critical nursing skills, coupled with her ever-expanding knowledge base, has made her a leader in oncology nursing. Valarie looks for ways to improve patient care and integrate them into daily routine for herself and her patients, who she always puts ahead of herself.

Reilly D.

At a critical moment in life, MaryElle connected us with Mary.

Mary provided my sister and I with professional and caring guidance. From initially selecting a surgeon to connecting us to the surgery nurse liaison for live updates and to post surgery follow ups, Mary was there with us every step of the way. No matter how big or how small the questions were, she was always available and made sure to address all of our concerns. We felt at ease going through this tough time with Mary beside us holding our hands and walking us through it. Mary was always there to help guide us on what to expect and what the best course of action should be. Mary provided us with a sense of security at a time when we felt the most vulnerable. We will always be grateful for Mary’s time and attention.

Annie C.
Family member

Behind every good doctor is a better nurse.

My wife defied medical odds and lived longer with metastatic cancer than anyone expected.  Her family credits two reasons for this:  One is Selma’s remarkable love for her family and determination to be around for them as long as she could.  The other is the outstanding care provided by a team of nurses led by Mary Feng, R.N., M.S.N., OCN..

Artie Rabin